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Four Grainer Interview

For our second interview with Four Grainer, we spoke at length about Master Diamond Cutters, our diamond restoration (re-cut, repair & re-polish) service- and Sirius Star®…the world’s brightest diamond®. It’s always an honor to share our passion for diamonds with new audiences. #KnowYourCutter #KnowYourJeweler

Four Grainer IDEAL Service

For a limited time, we’re offering new Customers our $100 IDEAL Service Voucher. If you’re an existing Customer- you already know what ourIDEAL Service is all about- thank you!             Terms & Conditions  Only one voucher per Customer, redeemable once only. Voucher expires 29 February 2016 Master Diamond Cutters’ service invoices are […]

Fancy Color Diamonds – True Body Color

  Some years back I received a Natural Fancy Yellow diamond which was a poorly cut cushion shape. The request from the client was that I re-cut this into a properly cut cushion shape. The copy of the report stated that it was a natural Fancy Yellow. I called the client and informed him that […]

Esperanza – The Four Grainer Interview

Download The Four Grainer Interview by Rod Worley The Four Grainer​ #Esperanza Diamond​ feature has been downloaded by followers and listeners in no less than 33 countries already! The historical live stream has been viewed from no less than 99 countries and counting! #KnowYourCutter #KnowYourJeweler

Miller Indices

Miller Indices (Notation) in Diamonds Miller indices were developed in 1839 by the British mineralogist William Hallowes Miller. In its simplest form, Miller indices is the description of how many of the three crystal axes, a crystal plane may intersect. Cube plane intersects only one axis as can be seen in the image below and is given the number of […]

Meet Your Cutter 2015

Master Diamond Cutters’ Know Your Cutter Tour is the second time that award-winning educator, designer, inventor and master diamond cutter- Mike Botha will present a series of diamond cutting and polishing engagements in the USA.   “It’s not about selling diamonds- it’s about sharing our passion for high (light) performance diamonds and our commitment to […]

Amazing Reena – Designer and Artist

Look at what our friend Reena has done! She is just amazing! Besides being the top jewelry designer in Canada, she has risen to become the foremost gem artist as well. Check out her latest creation below. http://www.reenaahluwalia.com/blog/2015/10/3/the-portal-of-eternity-a-painting-by-reena-ahluwalia Well done Reena!

Canadian Diamonds – Rough Images

Canadian Rough diamonds have their own distinctive morphology. Unlike some Russian and African diamonds, they are seldom equidimensional. They often have inverted cube faces and sometimes severely irregular forms. But that is just on the outside. The atomic structure is pretty decent and seldom would one have a diamond with lamellar twinning or internal graining. […]

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